Where are the billionaires?

Based on Forbes Magazine in 2009.

There is a total of more than 800 scattered globally.

1. United States

New York City is the headquarters of some of the World's Largest Corporations

You’ll find an astounding collection of 329 billionaires throughout the United States. Some names are familiar to the general public while others are not. They include Lenore & Walter Annenberg, Warren Buffett, Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Abigail Johnson, Peter Kellog, and many more. Makes you want to book a flight, stay in a Los Angeles hotel and hope that the billionaire vibe rubs off on you!

2. China

The Famous Bank of China building

In China you’ll find 79 billionaires with net values ranging from $1 billion up to $16.2 billion. The most notable is Yang Yuiyan, considered not only the wealthiest female but the richest in Mainland China, having inherited her father’s business at the very young age of 26.

3. India

Mysore - Lalitha Mahal Palace Hotel

India is proud to call itself the home of 58 distinguished billionaires. From Anu Aga to Yusuf Hamied and Azim Premji, each has an incredible story. Anu Aga, for example, is one of the 8 wealthiest Indian women in the world, having once served as the chairperson of the Thermax Ltd. engineering firm.

4. Germany

A clock tower in Munich, Germany

In Germany you’ll find 54 incredible billionaires with net values ranging from $1 billion up to $21 billion. They include well-known names like Otto Beisheim, Klaus-Michael Kuhne, Friedrich Karl Flick, Johanna Quandt, Theo Albrecht, and Karl Albrecht. Karl Albrecht, with a fortune totaling $21.5 billion, made his fortune while working with his brother Theo. They’re responsible for opening the popular discount store known worldwide as Aldi.

5. Russia

Entrance to The Kremlin, Moscow

Russia is home to a group of 32 distinct billionaires with fortunes valued anywhere from $1.2 to 9.5 billion. Mikhail Prokhorov is one of the most notable, with a net worth of $9.5 billion. At the young age of 44, he’s considered one of the top industrialists in Russia. Today, this 6’9” tall entrepreneur sits on the board of Polyus Gold (the largest producer of gold in the world) and is the president of the famed Onexim Group.

6. United Kingdom

Busy Bath Street

In the United Kingdom you’ll find 25 British billionaires, each with an incredible history and back story. Take Bernard Lewis, for example. Born in 1926, he started his career as an entrepreneur selling fruits and vegetables in North London. He then went on to develop the famous River Island brand of clothing.

7. Canada

North York Business and Residences

If you head towards Canada you’ll find 23 prominent billionaires, with fortunes valued anywhere from $1.5 billion up to $24.41 billion. The Thomson family, of The Thomson Corporation, has accumulated a fortune of more than $24 billion. They did so by manufacturing educational textbooks, resources, and reference materials with worldwide distribution.

8. Hong Kong

A Busy Zebra Crossing on King's Road, North Point, Hong Kong, 11th February 2009

Hong Kong is home to 19 of the world’s most prominent billionaires. The most impressive is Sir Li Ka-shing, an individual with a net worth ranking in at $16.2 billion dollars. At the age of 80, Sir Li Ka-shing is actually the 12th richest individual in the world, having made his fortune both operating container terminals and retailing health and beauty products.

9. Japan

In front of the palace - view over business city in Marunouchi district

Japan is next on the list with a total of 17 billionaires, all of which are individuals. They include Akira Mori, Hiroshi Yamauchi, Hiroko Takei, Takemitsu takizaki, and many others. Their net worth ranges from $1 billion up to $5.5 billion!

10. Indonesia

An Indonesian man paddles a makeshift raft along a flooded road in the central business district

Indonesia is home to 15 distinct billionaires. According to Forbes, 10 of these are billionaire families sharing the wealth and 5 get to keep their earnings to themselves. Individual billionaires include Eddie William Katauri, Martua Sitorus, and Peter Sondakh – the latter just making it onto the list at the age of 56 with a net worth of $1 billion.

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